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ChemSystems from Nexant, Inc. provides support to decision makers in the petroleum, chemical and petrochemical industries to improve their business performance.
ChemSystems provides data, analysis, forecasts, training and planning tools that improve understanding and planning in the uncertain world of energy and chemicals.
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PERP Program - 1,4-Butanediol / Tetrahydrofuran (BDO/THF)
This PERP report reviews commercial petrochemical and emerging bio-based process technologies. Process economics have been developed for five petrochemical-based and two emerging bio-routes on a same scale, same location basis.
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PERP Program - Dimethyl Carbonate
This PERP report reviews dimethyl carbonate production technologies. Economics on a China and North-West Europe basis have been developed for liquid and vapor phase oxidative carbonylation, ethylene carbonate transesterification, and urea methanolysis processes.
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Chemsystems training

The Global Petrochemical Industry
This course provides a broad picture of the many complex issues driving profitability in the global chemical industry. For more information on Nexant Training courses click on the link below...
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Chemsystems reports

Petrochemical Market Dynamics - Vinyls 2013
PPE13-G-PCMD-Vinyls (Nov. 2013) - Price: US $15,200.00
Analysis and forecast of supply and demand in the global vinyls market.
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PERP2013-1 (Nov. 2013) - Price: US $15,000.00
This PERP report reviews commercial petrochemical and bio-based process technologies for the production of propylene. Process economics have been developed for fifteen petrochemical-based scenarios and three bio-routes to propylene, as well as sensitivities for pricing scenarios including regional pricing, economy of scale and capital investment.
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Biomass Gasification
PERP2013S11 (Nov. 2013) - Price: US $9,500.00
This report presents a comprehensive review of commercial and emerging biomass gasification technologies and applications to power, fuels, and chemicals production. Process descriptions are included, as well as regional economics of various feedstock types including North America, South America, Western Europe, and Asia
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